Results & Research

Results with PC1

Depending on the stage of AIDS the results will be visible within days or weeks.

The clinical observation is that people get well from all AIDS-related symptoms including opportunistic infections and can work again, take care of their children, or go back to school soon. They normally feel very well in weeks. Their appetite returns and they gain weight. Their pains disappear and their energy returns.

In Ethiopia Peter Chappell started to collect data of the results with PC1 in 2002. In a group of 95 patients the Karnofsky score - a validated system to measure the general state of health - increased in these patients from 43 out of 100 to 77 (from frequently needing support and being disabled to can look after themselves and having moderate symptoms). In eight of these patients he measured CD4 counts after the treatment of three months had stopped. In the first ten weeks after stopping PC1 the CD4 showed a rise of 40% on average in this group, indicating that the immune system was able to further recover on its own. This is very significant since without treatment the CD4 drops 50 counts per year until all kinds of infections have free play inside the body.

If you want to read about a first study of the results by external homeopaths in Malawi 2004 you can read the article PC1 - Answer to AIDS in Africa (link to PDF). This article describes how 57 patients were interviewed that had been treated with PC1 for 20 weeks on average. They showed significant improvement of all AIDS-related symptoms, including a much lower incidence of Malaria signifying the restoration of the immune system.

Doing research in Africa is not easy to organise, so most of the results reported are still anecdotal. Here are some quotes from several doctors in several African countries as well as India:

  • Malawi 2003: in December a woman is hospitalized weighing 25 kilos waiting to die. A relative heard about PC1 and brought her a bottle, which she used for three months. She was the only one leaving the ward alive, and ten month later she is weighing 52 kilos and has no symptoms. Her husband refused to have only safe sex and to stop seeing other women. She realized that staying with him would bring AIDS back rapidly, so she kicked him out.
  • Report from Vyara, India: 'Within 2-3 follow-ups almost all the patients got rid of their acute Infections, which they used to suffer regularly from... Their strength & mood is also elevated significantly. Many patients had presented with loss of appetite but showed good improvement now; even the significant increase in weight also speaks about the recovery ... One more significant thing I had observed. Those patients having less than 200 CD4 count, normally often need medications against common bacteria. We kept them under close observation by calling them every week, but yet they have not suffered from any sort of such illness. This is very marked.'
  • Report Nigeria: In a small study with 10 patients in Nigeria in 2005 CD4 counts could be measured. In only a few weeks time the CD4 raised on average with 25%. A month later the increase had gone up to 43%.
  • Report Ghana 2007: 'a male patient used 2 ARVs for two years and his CD4 went from 2 to 105, meaning he was still very vulnerable for opportunistic infections. After using PC1 for 9 weeks, his CD4 was at 312! Currently we have about 25 people on PC1. After the first month all of them showed marked improvements in weight, some as high as 4 kg which is unprecedented.'
  • Report Johannesburg 2007: A man, 35 years old, suffers from symptoms due to AIDS. He is tested HIV+ and his CD4 count is 186 (Ref Ranges 500-2010). The CD4% of lymphocytes is 20,60% (data from 16-05-2006). After PC1 his symptoms improve quickly. At 10-01-2007 new tests are performed. His CD4 is 773 counts now (415% increase!) and the CD4% of lymphocytes 32,70%. [National Health Laboratory Service - Johannesburg Hospital]

In Peter Chappell's book The Second Simillimum many more cases and experiences with PC1 for HIV/AIDS can be read.