Homeopathy and PC1

History of PC1

The new technology developed by Peter Chappell makes it possible to directly design a remedy for an epidemic disease making a search for a match in the homeopathic materia medica obsolete. These PC resonances, as they are being called, work similar to homeopathic remedies and have the same advantages. PC1 for HIV/AIDS was the first resonance designed using this new technology and has been used with great success since 2002.

How PC1 was first discovered

In 2001 the pioneering British homeopath Peter Chappell went to Ethiopia and took 70 patients' cases of AIDS to determine the genus epidemicus (totality of the symptoms) of HIV/AIDS in Africa.

In short he found these primary characteristics (for a more extensive description see his book The Second Simillimum):

  • Weakness, loss of strength, can't walk far, can't work much, can't look after themselves fully, and finally not at all.
  • Later on a loss of appetite from a fungal infection and/or herpes in mouth and digestive tract.
  • Loss of weight independent of appetite.
  • Reduced recovery powers.
  • Chronicity of every symptom; normal acutes like headaches and coryza become permanent.
  • Dying is usually from starvation as they physically cannot eat.

Comparing the results of his analysis with the available homeopathic remedy pictures it appeared that there was no known homeopathic remedy that covered the totality of HIV/AIDS.

Peter then took a radical step forwards and did something that had not been done before. He decided to create a new technology to design a remedy/resonance. He figured out how to reverse engineer the totality and essence of the symptom picture information and the medical disease description into a remedy for HIV/AIDS he later called PC1. In this new technology the specification of the information concerning the disease carried within water that the patient receives is based upon the information needed to stimulate a very specific healing response, exactly appropriate to the disease, which is based on the principle of resonance, as is also in all homeopathic medicine.

Peter Chappell's book The Second Simillimum gives you the full story of how he got to designing PC1, what the building blocks of his consciousness are from which he could create the remedy, and what the first results were with PC1 as well as some other remedies he had created. For a more detailed description on this website of the development of PC1 and the experiences with it in the first years go to PC1 - Answer to AIDS in Africa and read the page with results.