Amma Resonance Healing Foundation

The ARHF promotes the development of healing through resonance. Healing by resonance is based on the universal law that information similar to the nature of a disease and its totality of symptoms can induce a self-healing response in the diseased individual.

Healing by resonance is considered to become increasingly important as it acknowledges and strengthens the potential for self-healing in the individual, and is based on understanding the role diseases play in the collective as well as the individual; the awareness that fighting disease, besides creating undesired side-effects, in the long run creates more serious diseases by suppressing the role and purpose of the disease, which is neither understood nor addressed.

The ARHF focuses on research into the principles underlying resonance, on developing resonances specific for all kinds of diseases, on investigating all possible means of conveying healing information, and on the application of and research into its efficacy.

The foundation of the ARHF is a result of the positive experience with using resonance in treating AIDS in Africa. In 2001 Peter Chappell, one of the founders of the ARHF, while searching in Ethiopia for a remedy that would fit the disease totality of HIV/AIDS found a new way to design a remedy based on resonance. Since that time several other remedies for other epidemics like malaria have been designed and applied with good results.

The treatment of epidemics and collective trauma is one of the prime targets of the ARHF, and the focus of its activities is primarily on countries in Africa and similar ones elsewhere. Epidemics and collective trauma in these countries still determine the lives of millions of people, while medical aid is often not or scarcely available or accompanied with side-effects or complicated by increasing therapy-resistance.

The treatment of chronic diseases by resonance is a second target of the ARHF. Using the same principal as is used to create healing information for epidemics it is also possible to treat chronic diseases, be it that besides healing resonance for the disease a tailor-made treatment of the patient addressing individual issues is also required to obtain the best possible results.

ARFH recognises that there are spiritual, mental, psychological and physical dimensions to healing diseases and embraces a holistic perspective in these matters.

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